FREE 30 Minute Exploratory Conversation

Half Day or Full Day Interactive Discovery Sessions – Customized per your desired outcomes for all employees, teams or managers.
Pricing is based upon the number of participants, length of time, and focus.

During this free exploratory conversation, we will discuss your current situation and what your team and/or your organization wants to achieve. With this understanding, I will share the various ways I can support your team and/or organization. By the end of our call, we’ll decide on the next best steps to take together.

Employees are happiest and the most productive when they are working from their natural motives, talents and strengths and doing what they enjoy. Appreciating and showcasing their unique talents will benefit everyone!

– Are you aware of the talents your team possesses?

– Are you aware of the unique gifts each individual has based on the

       combination of their strongest talents?

– Are conversations and meetings meaningful and productive, or are

       they a source of frustration?

– Are you wanting to increase employee engagement?

With a strength based assessment and coaching, individuals can more clearly articulate who they are, what they need and what they bring, thus communication is clearer and teams have a much better understanding and appreciation of one another. As they learn to understand and appreciate the value that others bring, their trust grows and teams stop working as silos (individually) and start working together more effectively.

Other questions to consider:

Do you know what’s important to your employees and how to channel those values to achieve your goals?

Let’s discover what they value and what talents they bring so you know how you shift behaviors to match individual, team and organizational goals.

Are workers frustrated with each other and experiencing negative conflict?

Faulty assumptions and misunderstandings can happen when the team does not understand or appreciate the talents and strengths of one another. Let’s explore what might be.

Does the work environment feel toxic?

Learning what Strategic Interdependence is and how to cultivate it will mitigate this.

Has your team refused to cooperate and behave as a team?

Perhaps individuals are overusing their strengths. Perhaps their needs are not being met. Let’s learn what those are and how to build stronger relationships and teamwork.

Do you desire a committed and engaged workforce?

It starts with productive relationships. You need to know the priorities, strengths and performance gaps of your people. Let’s identify these components.

FLY with Strengths is a reflection of my strong desire to see others succeed (#Developer), to be happy (#Empathy, #Positivity) and to get along (#Harmony). To get there, everyone needs a coach! Those whom I coach have a desire to feel better, do better, be better and FLY for any of the following reasons:

  • Fully Leverage Yourself (and/or your team)
  • Financially Lift Yourself (and/or your team)
  • Fulfill Life’s Yearnings
  • Fully Love Yourself (and/or your team)

When individuals and teams work from a place of strength rather than weakness, they are much happier and therefor more productive. Conflict is also lowered, yet never eliminated because we all know that respectful conflict inspires new ideas, processes and gets to the root of the best way to move forward for the sake of the team and/or company. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, I utilize various tools and assessments to customize what works best for your team or your organization. I am a certified strengths coach with TotalSDI® as well as Gallup® (Strengths Strategy® Certification expected in late 2017).

In our journey together, my whole desire will be to create the conditions for you, your team and your organization to RISE High and FLY with Strengths! Using the analogy of a hot air balloon, it rises to different heights and at varying speeds based upon the amount of heat generated by the burner. The burner is likened to your strong desire and motivation that has you reaching out for coaching and will lift your talents into strengths! You control the speed at which we cover the topics. You control the outcomes. You and your team(s) are pilot of your balloon (journey) and I will be by your side every step of the way.


Why invest in a Strengths Strategy® coach and FLY with Strengths?
  • Accelerated results; the best results always come from strengths
  • Discovery and application of strengths in real time
  • Seeing your strengths; their contributions, needs, triggers, and overuse patterns
  • Understanding the connection between strengths and weaknesses; changing the way you see both strengths and weakness so you are less trapped by weakness and more empowered to use your strengths
  • Inspiration to achieve your goals and transform your relationships through strengths
  • Decreased time spent in frustration, toxicity, or ineffectiveness
  • Inspiration to identify the one thing you do better than 10,000 people

Strengths Package* – 4 hours of fun activities and discovery around the strengths of your employees, what they contribute, and what they need to perform at their best.

Conflict Resolution Package* – 4 to 8 hours of fun activities and discovery around your team(s) motivational value system and conflict sequence using TotalSDI® assessments. Teams will walk away with a greater awareness of what causes conflict and how to avoid falling into the trap of toxic behavior.

Leadership Package* – Includes the Strengths Package along with one to one coaching.

Team Package* – 4 to 8 hours of fun activities and discovery around the strengths of the team and how they can work together as a team to achieve greater outcomes.

Custom Package – Based on your desired outcomes, we can create a package that works best for your teams and organization. All packages are excellent for quarterly team and leadership functions.

*Based on 20 participants. Larger & smaller groups can be accommodated.

Let’s discuss how.
Our team discovery sessions will combine creative fun with applicable activities to:

Learn ways and areas the individuals are alike and why
Explore ways and areas the individuals are different and why
Address areas of potential negative conflict and/or toxic behaviors
Plan ways your teams can work together more efficiently and effectively

To developer a stronger
Organization that will


FREE 30 Minute Exploratory Conversation