Based on my top seven Clifton StrengthsFinder® talent themes of Empathy®, Responsibility®, Deliberative®, Belief®, Relator®, Harmony®, and Developer®, I’ve spent my life in the service of others and wearing my heart on my sleeve. Even at a very young age, I knew my life’s work would be to support others and each time I do, I experience the greatest fulfillment which enables me to continue to reach for greater heights. I do what I love and I love what I do and above all, I am committed to making a difference every single day!


As a coach, my purpose is to lift hearts one person at a time and to lift teams one company at a time! Our heart is the seat of our motivation. When we learn to be confidently vulnerable – as I have been taught in my Strengths Strategy® Coach Certification – we are better able to embrace our unique, authentic self. We have the courage to be ourselves, know that we are enough and that we are able to live in a state of interdependence most of the time. This allows us to bring our best selves forward and we are more productive and purposeful.


We are each given a choice of where we want to live, whether it be in toxicity on the ground or at greater heights of interdependence where we can FLY!


I believe all of YOU can FLY – Fully Leverage Yourself; Fulfill Life’s Yearnings; Fully Love Yourself! My desire is to create the conditions for all of you to lift yourselves up to heights you’ve yet to imagine are possible. I believe in all of you. I want each of you to do the same.



It is my mission to inspire you to RISE High and FLY with Strengths!
I am committed to lifting you with . . .

If your wings are broken,
Let’s mend them together.

If your wings feel weak or unsteady,
Let’s strengthen them together.

If your wings need inspiration,
Let’s create it together.

If your wings have yet to FLY,
Lean on me and let’s FLY together!

When you FLY with Strengths, you can create a culture of Curiosity, Confidence, Connection, Compassion, Commendation with Courage and Creativity!

is a desire to know*. I challenge you to be curious about who you really are and not the person you think you should be based on where you are today. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you feel the way you feel? Why do you act the way that you do? Do you know? Let’s find out together so you can spread your wings, RISE High and FLY with Strengths!

is a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers; being certain*. When you know who you are and why you feel, think and behave the way you do, you can be confident in who you are, what you bring to the table and what you need from yourself and others to put your best foot forward. Confidence will allow you to spread your wings and FLY to greater heights! Confidence will help you face challenges with certainty. I have confidence that together we will get you to where you want to be! You can Fully Leverage Yourself!

is the state of being connected such as the connection between two ideas or a relation of personal intimacy*. You can only truly connect to others when you are truly being yourself. This takes confident vulnerability** and authenticity. Being aware of all of your unique talents is the key to such a connection. I encourage you to connect with me so we can explore all of your possibilities together. You can Fulfill Life’s Yearnings.

is a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it*. When our needs are not met, we tend to feel frustrated, angry and even judgmental. These feelings can easily lead us into toxicity in our relationships. My purpose, I believe, it to inspire you to be curious about who you truly are, to become confident in your abilities and to make a connection with yourself and others unlike you ever have before. With this awareness, you can show compassion to yourself and others. Ultimately, you can Fully Love Yourself.

is an act of commending; to recommend as worthy of confidence; to praise*. Commendation is a pivotal point for relationships, much like the sun is needed for plants to grow. Without commendation for yourself and others, growth is limited. What do you appreciate about yourself? What do you appreciate about others? I implore you to take time today to reflect on that and be courageous enough to share your commendation. You’ll be glad you did.

is mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty*. There is no growth in the Comfort Zone and no comfort in the Growth Zone,** therefore it takes courage to grow. It also takes courage to LEAP and FLY. Together we can explore who you truly are and on your journey you will Learn, Explore/Examine, Appreciate and Purposefully use your unique talents to FLY with Strengths!

is the quality of being creative; having the quality of something created rather than imitated*. Together we can explore ways that work for you as we create a safe haven for authenticity and honesty. I truly believe that you are unique and I encourage you to discover Your Own Uniqueness and FLY with Strengths.

* Based on definitions from
** Based on Strengths Strategy® Coach Certification coursework